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To reward our faithful supporters, ILT has introduced a Subscriber Membership which entitles you to a book of FOUR Vouchers to be exchanged at the Visitors’ Information Centre for tickets for the Major Productions at a cost of $88.00 ($72.00 Concession) a saving of $12.00 on the general ticket price of $25.00 ($21.00 Concession).

Membership of Ipswich Little Theatre Society Inc.

It is mandatory that any person (other than Life Members) wishing to be involved in any aspect of our theatrical productions must pay Membership Fees of  $35.00 per year.

This entitles them to a ticket price of $19.00 for the MEMBER’S TICKET ONLY to any of the Major Productions.


Special OFFER for Members

For an additional cost of $64.00 (a saving of $36.00 on General Admission Price) Members and Life Members can purchase a book of FOUR Vouchers to be exchanged at the VIC for tickets to Major Productions. Please note: A member is only permitted to purchase two (2) voucher books (a total of eight vouchers) per year.

Ticket Prices (2023 onwards)

Adult Ticket$25


Consession Subscribers$18
Members Ticket$19 or ($16 Special offer)