Young Theatricals (YTs) is Ipswich Little Theatre Society’s drama group for teens, 13 – 18 years old. The group meets on Wednesday evenings, 5:00pm to 7:00pm, in the Jean Pratt Building. For any information regarding Young Theatricals in 2022 and beyond, please contact the team at

Run by convenors Mack Groves, Kate Hoepner, and Aaron Evans, YTs aims to teach students performance skills and provides opportunities to showcase their talents throughout the year. Students will learn about character development, how to create and manipulate mood and tension in their performances, vocal skills, physical characteristics and expression, and more!

Young Theatricals is operated as a free form, safe environment for teenagers to explore and express their creativity through theatre.

If you’re interested in joining Young Theatricals, please contact the team at regarding availability.

Photos & Previous Years

In previous years, students have showcased their talents through the sharing of monologues, and productions such as A Christmas Carol, The Patient, The Friends of Valerie Lane, Melissa’s Big Birthday Bash, Phantasmal, Camp Euphoria (a unique piece having been written and directed by the students), Wild Wild West (a theatre restaurant), and Hating Alison Ashley.

Previous convenors of YT’s have included Kyle & Samantha, Courtney, Liz & Rebecca, Tony & Aaron, and Craig, Jan & Desley.

Young Theatricals turns 50 in 2023!

Celebrations are being organised for 50 years of Young Theatricals in 2023. We are looking to have a meeting in the next couple of months and are keen for people to help. We are looking to get in contact with any ex-members, so if there is anyone you know that used to be in Young Theatricals over the last 50 years we want to hear from them.

Please email the 50-year Committee email address or you can email Tony Erhardt directly on

The more we can have involved the better we want this to be a Celebration to be remembered.