Season 1 – 2024 – Ageing Disgracefully

Audition date – Monday, October 23 (7 pm)

Performance Season: 29 February – 16 March 2024

Ageing Disgracefully is the first season to be held at ILT in 2024. A special season performed on both the main stage and in the Jean Pratt Building, these plays have also been chosen with older actors in mind.

To read the script/s you can contact the Season Producer Helen Pullar at

Monday 23 October 7.00 pm Jean Pratt Building Ipswich Little Theatre

Note: All plays will be performed twice per session as the audience moves from one venue to the other on performance nights.

Slow Dating (Monologue. Light Drama. 10 mins)
Playwright: Adam Szudrich
Director: Jane Sheppard

When an elderly lady tries speed dating it leads to a night with a charming stranger and a heartbreaking revelation about her husband. A one-woman show that explores the beauty of holding on and the vulnerability in letting go.

Ester. Female (late 60s or older)


Dotty’s Inheritance (Comedy One Act)
Playwright: Debra Chalmers
Director: Jim Orr.

Upon receiving the news that her dear brother Victor has passed, Dotty, a woman of advancing years, now finds herself the owner of the family business: a business that her daughters want to offload before they all end up in the headlines of the local paper.

The Mother (Rachel): Female (40-50 yrs)
The Son (Robbie): Male (19)
The Grandmother: (Dotty) Female (70s)
The Solicitor (Richard): Male (40s)
The Aunty (Joan): Female (30-40 yrs)
The Policeman (Trevor): Male (30-40 yrs)
The Sex Worker (Candy): Female (20s)


Ashes to Ashes (Comedy 10 mins)
Playwright: Jill Curran
Director: Di Johnston

While mourning their father’s recent death, two sisters are in a quandary as to what is best to do with his ashes.

Fiona: Female (50s)
Bronwyn: Female (50s)
Barry: Male Pre-cast: Jim Orr

Away from Home (Comedy 10 Mins)
Playwright: Ian Pullar
Director: Helen or Jane

Confined to their Old People’s home, Steve and Roland dream of a life in the outside world.

Steve: Male (80s) Pre-cast: Ian Pullar playing the sequel role to Heading for Home.
Roland: Male (70s – 80s) No beard


Say Something Happened (Comedy One Act)
Playwright: Alan Bennett
Director: Robyn Flashman

Mrs Rhodes is busy staring out of the window while Mr Rhodes is just about to look up Helsinki when they have a caller. It’s a social worker come to pester them about being on a Register for the Elderly. Alert and able-bodied, the Rhodes have no intentions of being on such a list.

Mam: Female (late 60s)
Dad: Male (late 60s)
June Potter: Female (early 20s)


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