All auditions and readings (unless otherwise advised) are held in the Jean Pratt Building which is part of the ILT complex at 7.30 pm.

Season 3 – 2023 – 12 Angry Jurors

Audition date – Monday, June 5th (7.30 pm)

Performance Season: 7-23 September 2023

Director: Aaron Evans
Assistant Director: Dave Dunkerley

Based on the Emmy Award Winning television movie by Reginald Rose. Adapted for the stage by Sherman L Sergel.

In a New York City courthouse, an eighteen-year-old boy from a slum is on trial for allegedly stabbing his father to death. Final closing arguments having been presented, a visibly bored judge instructs the jury to decide whether the boy is guilty or not guilty of murder. The jury begins their deliberations…

Rated PG: Some adult themes.

The sides to be used for the auditions are available for download below. We have also provided a list of the character profiles to help you in determining for which characters you wish to audition. Please give this some thought as there are characters of varying ages, genders, backgrounds and motivations.

Please contact the director for preview scripts and further information by email at

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