When planning your educational programmes for 2024, we invite you to include an excursion to one of our shows:

Season One – 3 to 21 June 2024 – Picnic in the Woods (Download the Flyer below)

Season Two – 4 to 15 November 2024 – A Christmas themed production.

(A synopsis of these productions will be provided closer to the performance dates.)

For the past 40 years, generations of children have attended Daytime Theatre Troupe productions at Ipswich Little Theatre and enjoyed the magic and excitement of live theatre, enthralled by the stage lights and the antics of characters dressed in brightly coloured costumes.   

Our pantomimes are performed by adult actors, for an audience of playgroup, kindergarten, and school groups.  Actors and audiences alike have a wonderful time!  Children are seated on the floor with actors performing around them.  The audience is encouraged to interact during the performance, join in the singing and meet the characters following the show.  

Performances are at the Incinerator Theatre complex’s air-conditioned Jean Pratt building, Burley Griffin Drive (off Griffith Road) Ipswich.  There is ample parking, and our theatre is adjacent to the Queens Park Nature Reserve, playgrounds and Nerima Gardens.

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Bookings are essential and group bookings are welcome.  Email:  daytimetheatretroupebookings@ilt.org.au   or phone Chic Currie 0409725315.  

For any other enquiries, please contact the Convener, Jane Sheppard daytimetheatretroupeenquiries@ilt.org.au

Daytime Theatre Troupe History


In the beginning……..

Daytime Theatre Troupe was formed in 1983 when Jane Sheppard and Jan Paterson called a meeting for a group of young theatre “mums” to discuss how they could still be involved with theatre activities without going out at night to participate in theatre productions. Daytime Theatre Troupe’s first performance was Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy presented in January 1984 and the group has functioned happily and successfully ever since, providing youngsters with the magic and excitement of live theatre.

Many of the original “mums” are now grandmothers and are still involved and enjoying their time with Daytime Theatre Troupe. Membership is predominantly female, but the occasional intrepid male has ventured into this enthusiastic group and has lived to tell the tale. New members welcome!

Daytime Theatre Troupe meet every Wednesday from 10.00am – 1.00pm in the Jean Pratt Building in the Incinerator Theatre complex and perform two shows each year where wide-eyed youngsters are enthralled by the antics of fairy-tale characters that come alive in brightly coloured costumes – characters the children can interact with and meet after the show (if Covid 19 restrictions permit).