Thank you for looking up our latest information for the Ipswich Little Theatre Junior Theatricals Group

The Junior Theatricals is Ipswich Little Theatre Society’s drama group for children, 8 – 12 years old. The group is managed by an experienced team of volunteers, that have had many years of community and professional experience in acting. This year, the Directing Team is Tracey Spence, Christopher Austin-Greenhill and David Austin-Greenhill.

During their time at Junior Theatricals, the actors learn the various skills needed to become confident actors on the stage, that will be used during the two productions they perform each year. The workshops operate as a free-form, safe environment, where the actors can discover and express their creativity through the medium of theatre. The skilled workshops include characterisation, pronunciation, projection, timing, improvisation, memorisation techniques, auditioning and controlled physical movement. Not only do these skills serve to be useful in the theatrical sphere, but they are also skills that the actors will use for the rest of their lives in the social arena.

Important Information.

WHEN: The Junior Theatricals meet on Saturdays from 8.30am to 11am.

WHERE: The Workshops and Performances are in the Jean Pratt Building which is to the left of the ILT gate.

COST: It is $60 per term plus a yearly cost of $35 for Ipswich Little Theatre Membership. It is mandatory that any person wishing to be involved in any aspect of Ipswich Little Theatre must be a member. You can either pay per term or pay for the full year which is $240 plus Membership. All Membership and Term Fees are to be paid online through the Ipswich Little Theatre Website. There is a two week grace period for the actors to make up their mind.

APPAREL: The Actors should be dressed ready to do physical workshops and must allow for unrestricted movement. From experience, jeans and oversized apparel are restrictive and do not allow the actor to fully engage in the workshops.
Enclosed shoes must always be worn for Health, Safety and Insurance reasons. No thongs or sandals. If an actor turns up without the proper footwear, they will be unable to participate and go home.
Think: what would you wear to a gym or a dance class?