Fundraising Nights: Information for Groups

All fundraising Theatre Nights have been booked for 2021. Please contact Robyn Flashman at or 0477 771 016 if you would like more information about this popular and highly successful means of raising much-needed funds for your organisation, or would like to attend the launch of our 2022 Programme in November this year.
Community Fundraising Theatre nights have been a part and parcel of Ipswich Little Theatre’s charter for 52 years since the Incinerator Theatre showcased its first season in 1969.
Following a year of limitations placed on theatre venues by the covid pandemic and no performances since March 2020, the month of March 2021 saw the return of the high class live entertainment for which Ipswich Little Theatre has become renowned.
The response from local and district sporting, school, church and service organisations has been remarkable and all fundraising nights have been booked for 2021, even though covid regulations have meant some changes from the way these nights have functioned in previous years.
These nights mutually benefit community groups by offering them the opportunity to raise substantial funds while being entertained, and Ipswich Little Theatre by the income received from selling these nights and the number of performances added to each season. (6 per play season)
Incinerator Theatre facilities
The Incinerator is an intimate theatre seating an audience of eighty. The theatre has a beautiful courtyard area where you can enjoy your supper at interval. This area is wheelchair accessible, as are the toilet facilities. We are a fully licensed venue with a bar from which your guests can purchase a full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at reasonable prices. The bar opens for 45 minutes before the show, at interval, and for up to an hour after the show.
Our modern kitchen is equipped with a microwave, fan-forced commercial oven, refrigerator and dishwasher. The kitchen also has a large urn, tablecloths, cutlery, crockery, glasses and coffee mugs which are available for use on your night. There will be no need for you to work in the kitchen as the theatre members rostered on will set up the tea and coffee stations, plate up the food for your supper and do the washing up.
You are welcome to use the driveway area near the stairs and the ramp to offload anything you may need for the night and to pack it up afterwards. Also, people with mobility problems, including those in wheelchairs may find it easier if driven to the access ramp. However, all vehicles must be removed from the theatre surrounds for the duration of the performance.
The Bar and Kitchen staff will be on-site from 7 pm to welcome you and assist you in any way to make your event a success.
For the added comfort of our audiences, the theatre has reverse cycle air-conditioning and we also have gas heaters for use in the courtyard on cooler nights.
It is an enjoyable tradition at Incinerator Theatre that cast and crew join the group after the play. This affords the chance to meet the actors, the director and stage crew and to discuss the performance.
Group Liaison Secretary
Robyn Flashman
3812 3450 or 0477 771 016