Best Play – Loving You – Ipswich Little Theatre
2nd Place – Clear Glass Marbles – Downstage Theatre Company
Best Director – Aaron Evans (Loving You)
Best Actor – Thomas Orato (Remember Me – Strike TLC Theatre)
Best Actress – Katya Bryant (Clear Glass Marbles)
Best Supporting Actress – Brittany Evans (Loving You)
Best New Australian Script – The Accident (Victoria Posner)
Certificates of Distinction
Lily Macdonald for acting (Loving You)
Clara Aleckson, Thomas Orato & Opal Francis for writing (Remember Me)
Darsha Hockings for acting (The Accident)


Best Play – Am I your Dream? – Moreton Bay Youth Theatre
2nd Place – Together Forever – Mousetrap Theatre
Best Director – Matthew Bapty (Am I your Dream?)
Best Actor – William Kasper (Am I your Dream?)
Best Actress – Tammy Bensley (Together Forever)
Best Supporting Actor – Kyle Armstrong (Lockdown – Moreton Bay Youth Theatre)
Best Supporting Actress – Chloe Campbell-Noakes (Together Forever)
Best Actor in a Minor Role – Micah Hayes (Nursery Crimes: 4 & 20 – Drama Works)
Best Actress in a Minor Role – Sienna McCormack (The F Word – Drama Works)
Best New Australian Script – The F Word (Jo Langford)

Certificates of Distinction

Keaun Edwards for acting (Remember Me)
Ruby Gleason for acting (Lockdown)
Opal Francis for acting (Children of the Black Skirt – Strike TLC Theatre)
Clara Aleckson for directing (Children of the Black Skirt)
Abigail Munns for acting (Nursery Crimes: 4 & 20)
Chris Collins for directing (Nursery Crimes: 4 & 20)


Best Drama – Bubbles – Ipswich Little Theatre
Best Comedy – Love React – The Reaction Theory
2nd Place Drama – Fuel Light – Wallflower Theatre Company
2nd Place Comedy – Caught in the Act – Downstage Theatre Company
Best Director – Egan Sun-Bin & Jasmine Smith (Love React)
Best Actor (Drama) – Cody Muller (Defcon Rising – Plays from the Cave)
Best Actress (Drama) – Kristie Corkhill (As You Were – Wallflower Theatre Company)
Best Actor (Comedy) – Aaron Evans (Caught in the Act)
Best Actress (Comedy) – Tyallah Bullock (I Hate Hedda – Drama Works)
Best Supporting Actor – Cooper Nunn (Defcon Rising)
Best Supporting Actress – Kate Mallory (Bubbles)
Best Actor in a Minor Role – Patrick Phillips (The Last Letter of Capt Moonlight – Moonlight Ens.)
Best Actress in a Minor Role – Harper Lee (Love React)
Best New Australian Script – Defcon Rising (Phil McCormack)
Stage Manager’s Award – Wallflower Theatre Compnay

Certificates of Distinction

Olivia Hargrover for acting (I Hate Hedda)
Maddi Formosa for acting (Fuel Light)
Charlotte Lewis for acting (Love React)
Bethany Gibson-Cook for acting (I Hate Hedda)
Keaun Edwards for acting (Remember Me)
Ruby Gleason for acting (Lockdown)
Opal Francis for acting (Children of the Black Skirt – Strike TLC Theatre)
Clara Aleckson for directing (Children of the Black Skirt)
Abigail Munns for acting (Nursery Crimes: 4 & 20)
Chris Collins for directing (Nursery Crimes: 4 & 20)



2019 Festival Adjudicators

Download the Festival 2019 Entry Form

Meet our 2019 Adjudicators – Mark & Shirley Lucas

Shirley and Mark are well known throughout South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales for their commitment to and participation in many regional drama festivals. Shirley and Mark are the founders and directors of Excalibur Theatre Company. Excalibur Theatre Company was established in 1994 as a vehicle to showcase Mark’s plays and has developed into one of the premier theatre companies in South-East Queensland.

Excalibur Theatre Company has competed at over 150 drama festivals throughoutQueensland and New South Wales winning over 400 awards for their work. Shirley is a multi-award-winning director and actor. While Mark has won a multitude of awards for his writing, acting and directing. To say that they know a little bit about the Drama Festival circuit is an understatement.

Shirley and Mark’s work has been seen for well over a decade as the benchmark standard for writers, directors and actors. Every year several of Mark’s plays are performed by other groups in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom and have been performed and adjudicated at festivals throughout Queensland. These range from contemporary dramas to farcical comedies to Gothic thrillers.

Mark’s view on writing is simple. “I like the audience to feel as though they are an integral part of what is being created on stage and to laugh at, cry with or taste the desperation of the scenes being played out before them.”

Shirley and Mark first brought Excalibur Theatre Company to an ILT Festival in 2002 where their play AVATAR won Best Original Script. And they have been here every year since. They are part of our “Festival Family” and we welcome them in 2019 as our Adjudicators.

We will miss their performances but deeply value their opinions.


What is a One Act Play Festival?

Each year, across South East Queensland there is a flurry of thespian activity as small and large theatre groups select a one-act play, audition and cast the required actors and rehearse intently to create the very best possible production of that play.

While this is happening, entry forms are completed and sent off to the various theatre groups who host a weekend One Act Play Festival and then the fun begins. Each Festival has an average of 15 – 20 plays entered in either Intermediate or Open (Senior) categories and there is a wide range of awards available to be won. Each Festival chooses an Adjudicator to make the decisions and the final Awards session is always a highly emotional event. Festivals are held as far west as Dalby, south to Beenleigh and north to Sunshine Coast (Buderim) and the season runs from June to September. Some plays are entered into all the Festivals, some to only one or two, but regardless of the number, all involved speak of the fun, friendliness and rewards that are gained.·

We are proud that our Festival has the reputation of being one of the friendliest and best-organised Festivals in the South East Queensland Festival circuit and we would love your theatre group to submit a play this year.·

If your theatre group is interested in entering our exciting Festival, please contact the Festival Director, Craig Taylor on 0422 611 812 or via email to be put on the database.

The Ipswich Little Theatre One Act Play Festival continues to be the longest running festival of its type in Australia and no one has yet disputed that claim.