Daytime Theatre Troupe

Presents a pantomime:

Henrietta’s Not So Helpful Day

Written and directed by Jane Sheppard

Public Matinee – Saturday 22 August 2015 at 10am
At the Incinerator Theatre, Burley Griffin Drive, Ipswich

henrietta pic

Henrietta Hen decides to rally the other animals to help cheer up Scruffy the dog. Unfortunately Henrietta gets everything mixed up.  Instead of finding Scruffy’s lost bone, she brings a phone, a cone and a stone and the cake she makes for the party is a disaster when she adds flowers and white eggs.  With help from some books, a couple of wise-cracking bees, joke-telling hens, a moon-jumping cow, pigs hamming it up and sheep with baaad puns, Scruffy eventually gets the wag back in his tail.

Cost:  $8 per person.   Bookings are essential.
Phone Chic Currie 32889783 or 0409725315