All auditions and readings (unless otherwise advised) are held in the Jean Pratt Building which is part of the ILT complex at 7.30 pm. Specific information about the play can be found below.

Waiting for God

by Michael Aitkins
Directors: Doug Moses and Sheryl Roche

Season 30 April to 16 May 2020

Auditions are on Monday 3 February 2020 

Unhappily thrown together in a place they don’t want to be, two-spirited residents of Bayview Retirement Village, where stepping out of line is strictly frowned upon, form an alliance and begin to give the home’s oppressive management team a run for their money. Each of them has decided that growing old disgracefully is the name of the game.

Cynical, cantankerous, unmarried, retired photojournalist Diana constantly complains about everything and has no time for anyone in this “God’s Waiting Room” except the jovial, optimistic ex-accountant Tom. Between them, they systematically and gleefully set out running rings around the jumped-up management team. Their own family members, Diana’s niece and Tom’s son don’t escape the mayhem either.

A hilarious stage adaption of the BBC comedy series of the same name which will resonate with all who have faced the prospect of themselves or a family member making the lifestyle change to living in a retirement facility.

Rated: M Some coarse language and adult themes.


Diana Trent An elderly but feisty woman
Tom Ballard An elderly man- whimsical, lovely
Jane Edwards Sad, flustered and lovesick (30s)
Harvey Baines Vain and incompetent shyster (30s)
Sarah Chase/ Diana’s Niece
Doctor Doubling as Doctor in Scene 8
Successful and charming (30s)
Geoffrey Ballard/
Doctor Gyno
Tom’s son (40s)
A dull clod and multiple cuckold
Dennis Sparrow/
A dithering vicar
Doctor Jenny Henry/
Appears as Milly Dawkins in scene 2

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Passenger Xero

Written / Directed By Tony Erhardt


What starts out as a normal mundane day for our commuter turns out to be something far more. If you could change the world would you, and at what cost?

Fine Print:

Performances will be in One Act Play Festivals all over South East Qld From Dalby to the Gold Coast and to Burpengary.


5 Actors
2 Male
3 Female However the script can be adapted to suit.

Auditions Dates

Monday 10th Feb
Wednesday 12th Feb
Saturday 15th Feb 1:00 pm

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