Applying for or renewing ILT membership is just like making an online ticket purchase to one of our shows. You have the option of purchasing a one year or 5-year membership.

If you have purchased tickets this way before, please ensure that you first ‘SIGN IN’ (just below right) before going through the membership purchase process. You need to do this so that our system knows who you are to record your details as a member for the year that you applying for membership.

If you haven’t purchased tickets this way before, still make sure you click on the ‘SIGN IN’ link first (just below right), create your account, (this is where our website will email your account confirmation to you) and then you can go through the membership application process.

New Members – You will receive a receipt for your online transaction via email. Please note that this does not confirm your membership as your application must first be confirmed by our Administrative Committee. Please ensure that you enter your mailing details when you sign in to purchase your membership so your membership card can be mailed to you once your membership is approved by our Administrative Committee.

Renewing Members – As with new members you will also receive a receipt for your online transaction and you will be able to purchase tickets at member prices straight away!

Please note: Only Adult applications for membership can be received online. Membership applications for Junior Theatre, Young Theatricals or S-Troupe will be taken by the respective sub-group Directors at their respective sign on days.

If you have any problems please email the ILT Box Office.