The ILT website allows our patrons to purchase tickets to our shows using the Seat Advisor ticketing system. This ticketing system is embedded into our website so that our patrons can have a seamless ticket purchasing experience.

ILT Members can also purchase tickets to our shows via this ticket system, however, in order for our members to receive our tickets at our member discount ticket price, the ticket system must know who the member is BEFORE commencing the booking process.

For members to do this, they must first click on the ‘Buy Tickets’ button on the home page and click on the SIGN IN link on the right hand side of Booking page (just above the list of shows). This link will take the member to the sign in screen where they can enter their email address and password. As the ticket system keeps information as to an ILT member’s membership status, if the membership is current, the system will (as well as the standard adult, student, pensioner, ticket option) provide the member with a member’s ticket option. Currently, one member can purchase a maximum of two tickets to any one show.

These steps are shown below with screen captures from the process.

Step One – Click on SIGN IN

signin1Click the image to enlarge it.

Step Two – Enter your Email Address and Password

signinscreenClick the image to enlarge it.

Step Three – Select your Member Ticket/s from the ticket options after you have selected the number tickets and the ticket performance date.

memberticketsClick the image to enlarge it.

Please Note: The Seat Advisor ticket system works completely independently of the ‘Member Login’ so please do not ‘Login’ to the member’s area of the website to purchase member priced tickets.

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